At Dynamic Closures we believe you shouldn't have to choose between security and design. In these posts we cover aspects of both that help you work quickly and effectively, and demonstrate ROI to your clients.

Side Folding Door Installation Part 3: Installing the Track

You've got all the tools you need and you've checked the site thoroughly. Now you're ready to start installing the track for your new side folding security grille. Read about the steps and potential pitfalls to avoid in this post.
Written by Jack Roy at 12:10
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Side Folding Grille Installation Part 2: Checking the Site

Wait - don’t open those boxes and pick up your tools just yet! In part 2 of our side folding grille installation series, you’ll learn about important initial site checks to do to save time, money, and headaches later on.
Written by Jack Roy at 14:45
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Tools for Installing Side Folding Security Grilles

Quality installation will ensure you get decades of reliable performance from your side folding security grille. In this series, we explain how to do a proper installation and how to avoid common pitfalls our customers have run into in the past. To start off, we review the tool checklist.
Written by Mike Svenson at 13:37
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Learn the Creative Possibilities of Security Door Design

Learn the creative possibilities of security door design for public spaces with this AIA credit course. You’ll find that that the need for security doors imposes fewer limitations than you think. This course will not only help you improve your projects, but you’ll be able to provide even more value for your clients. On top of that, it’s even free.
Written by Jack Roy at 08:10

Custom Installation Case Study: 25’ Custom Door for Holt Renfrew

Dynamic Closures faced the challenge of its tallest security door ever: 25 feet. It required some innovative thinking to ensure the extra height and weight would not pose any problems for the end users. Here's how we met Holt Renfrew's custom requirements.
Written by Jack Roy at 11:27


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