Environmental Management

Dynamic Closures Corporation has worked with external environmental consultants for over 15 years. Dynamic consistently looks to improve operations in the most “Green” way possible. Our environmental approach has had a profound effect on Dynamic’s everyday thought process.

Dynamic’s Environmental Management Group meets regularly and discussion of how to do things better and Greener is the agenda. But it does not end there. Dynamic has made dramatic improvements over the years, eliminating waste throughout our operations, from sourcing to manufacturing to packaging.


Outbound shipments are packaged with a brilliant use of recycled paper. We also use a converting machine to recycle our own corrugated cut-offs into packaging material.

Forklifts are electric, not propane. The “Green” reasoning is Dynamic’s power source is Hydro Electric generated and we do not contribute greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly.

Dynamic uses an aluminum chip collection system which is attached to all saws so the small aluminum shavings can be captured and sent into our recycling. This helps ensure that none of our aluminum waste reaches a landfill.

We have installed high-output fluorescent lighting in the factory. This saves about 15% on energy costs and makes for a better, brighter work environment.

Wall mounted circulating fans move the air in the factory, providing a warming effect in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Older heaters have been replaced with more efficient units, reducing our btu faceplate capacity by 67%, again cutting our energy costs and making the work environment better.

Our water bottle refill stations allow our employees to use refillable containers, reducing plastic bottle usage.

The list goes on and on, as Dynamic understands there will always be better, Greener ways to accomplish even the most basic tasks.