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A good product shouldn't cause you problems. That's why at Dynamic Closures we are designing new products that will streamline the installation process and be a joy to work with.

The Lift Ready™ Grille is our newest example of this concept. Designed from the ground up, every detail has been taken into consideration in order to make installation, maintenance and using it as easy as possible.

Some of our existing products have always been, and always will be hassle free. Take the Roll & Fold for example. It is the easiest solution to section off an area for pedestrian control and has been in the line-up of Dynamic Closures products for years.

This concept of making products that are great to work with is not new to Dynamic Closures. The hugely successful line of EZ Closure Side Folding grilles and closures illustrates this by simplifying the installation process so much that in some cases an opening can be secured is less that an hour by one person.

We also know that every job will not go as smooth as hoped. That's why our customer service department is always ready to answer your questions and find a solution to the problems that arise at a job site. No problem is too difficult for us to handle and we always find the best solution to fit your needs.

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